IUMENTUM [Latin. yoo-men-toom]


  1. beast of burden:
    a creature that bears the weight of imposed hardship
  2. mule:
    a hybrid creature derived from the union of two species, with traits superior to those of its genetic progenitors

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Amid the poisoned wastes, survivors of a ruined civilisation atrophy in the stagnant safety of an ancient holocaust shelter. Engineer Michael fills his days with system maintenance and idle research. He is content.

Until he learns the truth.

Witness to the fragility of their prison refuge, he must find for his family a new life beyond the walls. But escaping the shelter is the least part of their journey, for the world outside holds torment they can scarce imagine…

…and their mutant son holds in his palm the fate of all humanity.

This is a tale of adventure and discovery; loss and loyalty; betrayal and crushed innocence; conflict and epic strength.


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