Shields Engaged

With the sudden onset of spring (yay!), my cold garden office was bathed in sunlight, tuning it into a sweatbox (boo!). The dark laminated steel outer walls grew hot enough to boil eggs at ten paces, overwhelming the internal insulation and slowly baking this unfortunate author.

I was forlorn.

So I had a think, and came up with a simple something that might help others with tin sheds stuck in the open:

And here’s my office, equipped with its south-facing sun shields:

Office Sunscreen

Still have to cut some fiddly bits to go over the windows, but its none too shabby. Puts me in mind of a Hawaiian beach hut.

Despite the flimsy nature of the screening, it seems to provide almost perfect cover, rendering the office walls frigid no matter the sun’s ferocity. I bake no more.

Now all that’s left to deal with is the spring influx of ants, and spiders, and various flies, who seem to love my office more than life itself…